Holy Land Tour Reviews

“I have just returned from an amazing exploration trip to Israel and Jordan and wanted to take the opportunity to introduce Breaking Bread Journeys. They offer a unique, truly authentic way to experience Israel and the Palestinian Territories by “breaking bread” with the locals. I spent a day with Elisa Moed, founder of Israel based Travelujah and Christina Samara, a Palestinian and owner of Samara Travel visiting the Palestinian city of Nablus   We toured the markets, visited several local “manufacturers” of local bread, desserts, soap, perfumery etc and then partook in a cooking class at a women’s center in the heart of the old city where they combine a culinary enterprise with social, educational and cultural activities for women and children of the local community.  We had discussions on the situation in Palestine with the local women which gave a very different perspective on their situation vis a vis Israel.  A truly special day. “

Deborah Souccar, Refined Journeys, USA

“An amazing tour that gave us an in depth look at small components of life in Jerusalem. It was very special to learn and see different cultures and religious experiences and to share special foods from the region.”

Eden Goldberger, spouse of Former Deputy US Ambassador to Israel

“Cooking and eating with the various chefs and in the homes was a great experience. All the hosts were so friendly and welcoming. What an unusual thing to be able to do. You and Christina provide excellent service and I hope to take another of your tours in the future.

Terri Freeman, Houston, TX

“Breaking Bread Journeys offers very unusual experiences, “off the grid” in Israel and the Palestinian Territories.  I cannot recommend them highly enough!

Gwen Garrett, Certified Travel Planner

“Back from three days with Breaking Bread Journeys, a joint Palestinian & Israeli tourism business, that goes beyond joining hands & wishing for peace.

Matthew Teller, journalist,  London Times

“To sit around the dinner table, just enjoying a meal together, being human together — it just brings you back to the basics. It’s a beautiful way to break down barriersIt’s a good opportunity to see both sides.”

Shawna Goodman,  Montreal, Canada


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