Political Tour – June 2016

Join our upcoming Two Eyes Political Tour – June 2 – 11, 2016

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Highlights Include:

  • Travel up to the top of Mt. Bental, for a lookout over Syrian, walk through the former Syrian trenches and fortifications, and learn about the Six Day and Yom Kippur Wars
  • Enjoy a tasting tour in Nablus and meet with the leaders of a local women’s slow-food cooperative in the heart of the Old City
  • Guided tour of the sites on the Temple Mount plaza including Dome of the Rock , Al Aqsa Mosque
  • Visit a Jewish settlement in the heart of the West Bank and learn why these residents have chosen to raise their families in this community
  • Tour Ramallah, home of the Palestinian Authority government and meet with a local representative for a briefing of the current political situation
  • Tour the multi-cultural and historic city of Jaffa, situated on the Meditteranean city
  • Visit the flagship, new planned development, Rawabi, the first eco-friendly city built for and by Palestinians and meet with the developer of this $1 billion project
  • Geopolitical tour along the separation wall between Israel and the Palestinian Territories with a security expert and the architect of this controversial barrier wall
  • Learn about developing entreprennuership in the West Bank through a visit to a unique venture capital firm, founded by an Israeli and Palestinian partners, targeting high tech companies located in the West Bank
  • Tour the Old City of Jerusalem, see its colorful markets and walk down the Via Dolorosa and see the Stations of the Cross and the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. See the Western Wall, the holiest site for the Jewish people.
  • Visit the Mount of Olives, and then tour inside an adjacent local Jewish community in Mizpe Zeitim, on the top of the Mount of Olives and enjoy home hospitality
  • Meet with an Israeli Foreign Ministry Representative for a briefing on the Israeli political situation
  • Visit Bethlehem and meet with families inside a Refugee Camp 
  • A special chef lunch with one of the Chefs of Peace, a group of Israel, Palestinian and Muslim chefs who believe peace begins in the kitchen.

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Taste the unique food, wine and other tastes of the people who live in this conflicted region. Contact us today for registration details and to secure your place.




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