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We design each Breaking Bread Journey program so that it offers an important boost to the local economy. In order to facilitate this, we’ve developed partnerships with several local non profit organizations, non governmental organizations, cultural institutions and travel companies that are engaged in providing a range of activities that benefit  local communities and also share our passion to spur economic economic development and cooperation between Israel and the Palestinian Territories. We are very fortunate to have these wonderfully inspiring partners who share our passion to provide balanced programs and who also believe that through sustainable and responsible tourism we can enhance the daily lives of people on the ground and provide hope for a better future.

Together  we are able to offer a unique selection of programs that showcase both Israel and the Palestinian Territories and enable travelers to “break bread” and dialogue with a different culture each day of their journey.

Below is a listing of our partners:

USAID – Compete Project

Chefs for Peace

Center for Jewish Christian Understanding and Cooperation


Samara Tourist & Travel Agency

Friends of the Earth Middle East

100% Jerusalem

Tulip Winery



The Parents Circle

Israel Museum

If you offer a special tourism component that is responsible, sustainable and directly benefits locals, perhaps you want to partner with us. Contact us today and lets see how we might work together to build tourism and spur cooperation.

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