Self Guided Food Tours

Shuk bites card for Lewinski market
Shuk bites card for Lewinski market

Want to meet and chat with the bakers, artisan cheese makers, special purveyors of fruits, meats, spices and others whose home grown creations have helped the Holy Land become a foodie’s paradise?”

Below are a few of the special markets (or souqs as we call them in the Holy Land) offering self guided “Holy Land food tour” so you can do travel on your own. Each market has its own special pass purchased directly using the links below. The description of each market tour is found below.

These self guided shuk bites punchcards are valid for six months from your date of purchase and they are each good for tastings approximately six different specially selected shops depending on the market. They must be purchased in advance and cannot be purchased once at the shuk. After you purchase your self guided food tour you will receive an email confirmation number with the store address where you will pick up your shuk bites card and begin your self guided food tour. Each punchcard has a very simple to follow map with each location clearly marked in English. Ideally, plan your visit between Sundays and Thursdays from 9 – 3 pm (Fridays are crazy busy). Travel Tip: as you get closer to the end of the week the food markets become more crowded and you have less of an opportunity to chat with individual vendors.

You purchase your “Shuk Bite” directly online by completing the box below:

Shuk Bites Cards

Machane Yehuda Jerusalem:

Old City Jerusalem:

Flea Market Bite Card:

Levinsky Tel Aviv:

HaCarmel Market Bites Card:

Old City Jerusalem Market Food tour tasting includes:
• A Taste of Authentic Coffee Blends
• A Taste of Local Spices
• A Taste of Halva
• A Taste of Hummus
• A Taste of Authentic Arab Delicacies
• Taste of Ethnic Breads – Old City Classic

Cost – 79 IL

Jerusalem Machene Yehuda Market Food tour tasting includes:
• A Taste of Sambusak with Hummus with Vegetables
• A Taste of Georgian Baked Goods
• A Taste of Health Drink
• Taste of Moroccan Kubbeh Soup or Stuffed Vegetables
• Meat Pattie a la Plancha or Portabello mushroom
• A Taste of Fresh Coffee or A Sweet Ending

Cost – 99 IL

Tel Aviv Carmel Market Food tour tasting includes:
• A Taste of Homemade Mujadara Served with Tahini
or Two handmade stuffed grape leaves with yogurt
• A Taste of Eggplant mafrum or dish of the day served with rice and a taste of two side dishes
• A Taste of two sesame-coated flutes or three mini pitas with za’atar
• A taste of seasoned salad mix, granola and a cooked bean dish
• A taste of knafe
• An espresso, capaccino or black coffee

Cost – 99 IL

Jaffa Market Food tour tasting includes:
• A Taste of Couscous and Stew
• A Taste of Jaffa Hummus And Falafel
• A Taste of Fresh squeezed Juice
• A Taste of Brick Oven Baked Good
• A Taste of Jaffa Style Malabi
• A Taste of Premium Ice Cream

Cost – 79 IL

Tel Aviv Lewinski Market Tastings includes:

Map of tasting vendors within the Lewinski market
Map of tasting vendors within the Lewinski market

• A Taste of Market Delicacies
• A Taste of Bourekas and specialty drink
• A Taste of Two stuffed Chard Leaves
• A taste of Jewish Cooking
• A Taste of Greece souvlaki
• A Taste of Marzipan or Pastry

Cost – 99 IL

Important Details:

1. Due to the daily and seasonal offerings, tastes may change. Once you receive your email confirmation, print out the guidelines, which tell you where to pick up your ticket and your confirmation number as well as other details and take it with you when you go to the market.

2. Some tastings may contain gluten, nuts, sesame, different spices and other food products that should not be eaten by those who are allergic to these products. If you have food allergies its best that you do not purchase the ticket.

3. Ticket pickup is at the market. After purchasing your tickets, you will be redirected to a web page which contains the pickup point details, as well as the shops and the stands for redeeming your tastings.

4. Please note: Each Shuk Bites ticket is to be used by one person only.

5. The Shuk Bites card is valid for a period of 6 months from the day of purchase.

6. Note that the shuk bites are operated by our partner, Yallabasta. You will receive all the confirmations, directions, etc from them upon your purchase. Breaking Bread Journeys has participated on these shuk tours and we loved it! These market cards are absolutely a perfect and delightful way to get to know the market, You will not go hungry!